And Now For A Mental Health Checkup…

June 22nd, 2016

maria tettamanti

{Faithful the Brand dress, Céline sunnies, Earrings c/o The Nomadic Collector, Necklace c/o Taudrey, Stalactite ring c/o Uncommon Goods}

faithful dress

santorini style dress

miami fashion blog

I’m jumping for joy, freaks! Those of you who follow me on SnapChat (@MariaTettamanti) know that I’ve been working out 5 days a week with Pilates, jogging on my own and a personal trainer. Sure, doing so keeps me in shape, but one of the main reasons I work out is to burn off the crazy. As in my nervous energy.

I feel mellower after a brisk run. I feel empowered after lifting weights. In fact, my own personal research data shows I’m a saner/kinder/cooler/less psychotic person after any form of exercise.

Working out aside, I’ve been taking a more holistic approach to my health. You see, I’m an extremely anxious person by nature (thanks, Mom!) so aside from working out, I’ve got to tame the itty-bitty-shitty-commitee in my head. Because mine doesn’t shut the eff up. It’s constantly yakking away and making me nervy. 

So in an effort to quiet my mind, I’ve taken up acupuncture (with Ronel Corbin in Miami Shores), B-12 shots and cryotherapy at (at Below Zero in North Miami). Both are completely different modalities but I most definitely feel Om-mazing after both practices.

Nama-stay on this get-chill journey!

Photos by Karla Garcia

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I Love the ’90s

June 16th, 2016


slip dress with tee shirt

{H&M slip dress, Gap teeRebecca Minkoff sneakers, Chanel handbag, Céline sunnies, Fendi Karl pom pom}

I’m am serving you some serious ’90s vibes here, freaks. I gotta say, I’m loving the return of 1990s trends — like berry-stained lips, chokers, big hair and Doc Martens. This slip dress and tee duo brings me back to those halcyon days two decades ago (FML!) where you could find me dabbling in the follow nonsense…

  1. Listening to Nirvana and pretending as though I was Kurt Cobain’s love interest in lieu of sloppy Courtney Love
  2. Obsessing over my asshole boyfriend at the time (you know who you are, asshole)
  3. Wearing “No Fear” T-shirts. Ewwwwww. That memory makes me itch. And twitch.
  4. Playing Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers and failing miserably
  5. Watching Rug Rats as though it were my job
  6. Plotting the slow and painful death of that lying, cheating aforementioned asshole boyfriend
  7. Slathering Lisa Frank stickers all over my personal belongings
  8. Killing all of my friggin’ Tamagotchi pets (relax, dudes, they were digital)
  9. Creating mix tapes with tunes by George Michael, Prince and Madonna 
  10. Sleeping under a glittery ceiling of plastic glow-in-the-dark star stickers

Ah, I loved the ’90s. Welcome back to 2016!

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Buh-Bye, Hair!

June 16th, 2016

We Greek chicks are hairy MoFos so laser hair removal is a MUST in my life. So where do I go for painless (yes, painless!) laser hair removal in Miami, you ask? DermaClinic Laser (located at 175 S.W. 7th Street, Suite 1708, Downtown Miami). Check out the vlog above for deets!

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I Drank the White Sneaker Kool-Aid

June 13th, 2016


{Alternative T-shirt dress (super cheap!), Pinko denim jacket (similar here), Rebecca Minkoff sneakers, Dior sunnies}



So I did it. I drank the white sneaker Kool-Aid. It took me a while to warm up to this Cool Girl trend, but decided to go with this Rebecca Minkoff pair in lieu of the omnipresent adidas out there BECAUSE I’M A REBEL LIKE THAT. Besides, I like the studded straps — they exude a tough-gal vibe. 

My sweet daughter Ava snapped these pics during my final days in Cape May, and I have to say we really bonded over this trip. Why? Because we indulged in il doce far niente — the sweetness in doing nothing. I decided to keep both kids home for a week (no camp! Ballsy mommy move — I know) and we enjoyed pleasant idleness. Think rolling around in the grass. Swinging on swings. Cooling off in the pool. Lounging around in our PJs.

And I have to say, there’s something to be said about living a simple life void of activities, plans, events and alarm clocks. We learned a lot about each other’s personalities and all it took was just being. And living. And doing a whole lot of nothing. Imagine that!

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Jersey Shore, Baby!

June 6th, 2016

Iro top

{Iro lace up tank, AG raw hem jeans, Aquazzura flats, Botkier handbag (similar and on sale)}

cape may

cape may, new jersey

Greetings from the great Garden State! The kids and I are spending a week here visiting my parents in my hometown of Victorian Cape May, New Jersey. I made the intrepid decision to keep the kids out of camp so pray for my soul. Ha! Kidding. Eh, not really. Those of you with children know it’s basically impossible to get any work done when the chitlins are in the mix.

So how are we keeping busy, you ask? Well, we hit Wal-Mart (God, I love me some Wally World!) and Michael’s where we scored some arts & crafts like clay, paints, latch hook, etc. We’ve been eating like nobody’s business, too, and I’ve already guzzled 4 items off my food bucket list (yes, that exists in my twisted world): a Philly cheesesteak hoagie, fried clam strips, soft serve ice cream and mussels. With the latter said, I’m trying to workout every day this week like a Victoria’s Secret model would before a big photoshoot in Bora Bora. #Balance

How are you all enjoying your summer so far?

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