Eat Right. Or Else…

July 23rd, 2014


{This is me annoyed about my weight}


{This is Rachel and she’s here to help}

The frustration! For the past two months on my weight-loss journey, the number on my bathroom scale would not budge. Like, ever. Yep, every morning the scale would haunt me with the same three dreaded digits. And while I know my weight does not define me, well, it’s highly irritating to work so hard and not see any results, you know? After a zillion workouts, cutting back on wine (yes, WINE, the salvation for all mothers!) and avoiding carbs, I kept begging the question. “WHY?”

Well, The Universe answered — as she always does because she’s good like that. My friend John Mahoney of SocialMedia305 connected me Dietician Rachel Scherdin of Nutrients Lab and — BAM! — Rachel taught me some tricks two weeks ago and I’ve already lost 4 pounds. TAKE THAT, SCALE! Who’s your daddy now? Okay, I’m getting carried away like always do in typical psycho fashion. My apologies.

So Rachel and I met for coffee where we discussed my eating habits and how to improve them. I learned that the work I put into the kitchen is just as important as the work I put into the gym. Plain and simple.

My biggest no-nos? I always skip breakfast, ingest far too much Splenda and questionable protein bars and never snack. I admitted to starving myself until lunch on most days which is seriously unhealthy (and counterproductive, really). Rachel also tells me that I need carbs — the good kind — in order to keep my energy and metabolism levels up. She also created a customized menu plan to lose 8 pounds (2 pounds per week) in order to reach my goal weight (pre kids). I know, brilliant. 

So if you’re curious about what foods you should be eating for a healthier lifestyle or feel stumped on your diet/weight-loss odyssey, I highly recommend meeting with Rachel. She can be reached online here or by calling/texting (585) 465-1285.

Get ready to lose — the good kind of losing, that is. And gain some energy while you’re at it, too. And guess what? I can still reach for that wine glass in moderation. Cheers to that.


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Oh, Hi, Mara Hoffman

July 21st, 2014

mara hoffman

{Mara Hoffman Easy Dress, Jean-Michel Cazabat gladiators (old), Balenciaga handbag, Céline sunnies, Tassel necklace (from gift shop inside Congress Hall, Cape May, NJ), Tory Burch cuff, Daniela Swaebe zodiac necklace}

Mara hoffman

{Backstage with the one-and-only Mara Hoffman}

flash tattoo

{Obsessed with my Flash Tattoo}

As I get older, I’m fine tuning the designers I wear. And designer Mara Hoffman is right on top of that list because:

A) Her prints are both innovative and next-level

B) Her breezy silhouettes are perfect for Miami weather (and I rarely need to wear a bra!)

So when given the opportunity to interview Mara this past weekend before her Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim fashion show, I was over the moon because I basically live in her creations. I also stalk her on Instagram LIKE A CREEP and feel like we’re real-world friends — you fellow social media sociopaths can relate, right? RIGHT!!!???

In my mind, I imagine Mara to be eccentric, warm, a little “out there” (as indicative in her prints), well-traveled (she was recently in Guatemala — the muse of her latest collection) and, well, cool.

And she is.

We talked about mommyhood, traveling and our signs — she’s an Aries — and when I asked her what her brand is all about she answered with two bold words: “It’s alive.

Love. Her.

First photo by Steffy Degreff & Second photo by Angeles Almuna




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Fashionphiles, Meet Your New Best Friend.

July 16th, 2014

Do your clothes get stinky and need a quick steam and refresh? Duh. Of course they do! Meet SwashWhirlpool’s latest invention, which is revolutionizing this little thing called laundry. Swash is the only in-home 10‑minute clothing care system.

Yep, you can say goodbye to excessive washing, drying, steaming, ironing and dry-cleaning. For real. Just watch my vlog  for the 411, will ya?


Video by Michael Paradise

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Window Shopping

July 14th, 2014


{Cloth & Stone romper (scored at TJ Maxx in N.J.), Chanel flats and crossbody bag, Wicked Sparkle Hoop Earrings c/o Flawed Perfection Jewelry, Céline sunnies}

flawed perfection jewelry


One of my favorite weekend activities is to schlep the kids and husband to Bal Harbour Shops. And not to necessarily to fire up my AmEx card. We’ll start off by filling our bellies at Makoto — I literally crave their crunchy rice tuna on a weekly basis and my kids are obsessed with their ramen noodle soup.

Lunch is always followed by visiting the koi pond where my kids will sit and “ooh and aah” as the turtles bask in the sun with their legs outstretched for extra warmth. Me? I sit on the outskirts of the pond and people watch because the specimens shopping here are bar none the best dressed women and men in Miami. Of course you’ll find some too-trendy trainwrecks, too — that’s inevitable anywhere, really. Even I leave the house in Juicy couture velour tracksuits on bad days. In fact, today I wore PJs at camp drop-off. Judge all want!

Afterwards, I’ll insist on walking around — and the progeny will mutiny as indicated on my son’s face in these very pictures. As a fashion editor, snooping around the highbrow brands which set the tone every season is invariably part of my job.

After this past Saturday’s stroll, I’m really feeling the strong Moschino comeback (Intermix carries almost every piece) and a pair of mirrored sunnies I discovered by designer Thom Browne.

And, nope, I didn’t spend a dime. Proving that window shopping can be just as fulfilling as hearing the ca-ching of the cash register. Pinky swear.



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Loco for Vita Coco

July 13th, 2014


{Sometimes I feel like a (coco)nut}

vita coco

Vita Coco and me go together like Nutella and a spoon. So when the peeps at Vita Coco reached out for me to share the oh-so-cool news that they’ve just launched a lemonade flavor, I was all like, SIGN ME UP. I mean, show me a lemonade stand and I’m all over it like a rash.

And in honor of Miami Swim Week 2014, the naturally thirst-quenching brand is giving away a chance to win a meet & greet with a designer, a swimsuit and two VIP tickets to the Salon Allure opening night. All you have to do is use this hashtag via your social media: #UpgradeMySwimWeek

Good luck, lemonade lovers.


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