Tada! My First Briefcase

August 20th, 2016

Miami Fashion Blog

{Bella Dahl top, AG Jeans jeans, Aquazzura heels, MCM briefcase, Céline sunnies, Pendant c/o Monica Vinader}

MCM briefcase

monica vinader

business casual

Last week, I had a business meeting and realized…I didn’t own a cool briefcase! I schlepped to said meeting with my laptop in a dated sleeve with some cheesy print on it…talk about chicness suicide! So I bought this puppy immediately because I’ve yet to make an MCM purchase and adore the baby blue hue. Plus, at age 39…I’ve yet to own a briefcase, and purchasing one oddly felt like a professional milestone. Adult-ing so hard, yo!

Which brings me to my next point: The past 2 weeks have been that weird period of time where there’s no camp and no school for the kids so I find myself in some weird vortex of unproductiveness. While I’m sad summer is coming to its inevitable close, I can’t help but embrace a “schedule” and focusing harder on my career #goals.

 Photos by Karla Garcia

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Back-To-School Vibes with Skip Hop

August 20th, 2016


 Ah, summer. Sadly, you’re coming to an inevitable close. The kids and I had one for the books as we spent lots of time in Cape May, NJ with my parents, swimming with manta rays and sharks in the Bahamas and boating on Sundays (all hail the #SaltLife!). School starts early September, so I spent the past week back-to-school shopping for their supplies and uniforms — an activity I enjoy more than I probably should (#ShopaholicProbs).

My go-to for necessities such as water bottles, lunch boxes, pencil cases and backpacks? Most definitely Skip Hop. From baby to elementary school student gear, Diapers.com offers a huge, huge collection of Skip Hop. Packed with function and swathed in animal shapes or quirky prints, I love the brand’s back-to-school selections because they’re tops — and cute! See what I mean?

Skip Hop

For their uniforms, I also order them online over at Land’s End and for funny and insightful articles on kiddo’s you can always find me browsing ScaryMommy.com.

With a short 3 weeks left before we settle into the school year (and a “schedule,” which I actually miss to some degree), I’m squeezing in 3 trips — one to Carmel Valley, California (a bucket list travel item, no less), Cape May, New Jersey and Marco Island, Florida. Because once the school year is in full swing, it’s time to hit the books!

Top photo by Courtney Studios

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Blogging Can Be Really Annoying. Here’s Why…

August 8th, 2016

miami travel blogger


Blogging can be extremely rewarding but like most “jobs,” it can be absolutely exasperating for those around me — particularly my family. Allow me to explain.

When my husband snapped the above “behind the scenes” picture of our daughter 9-year-old  daughter, Ava, snapping a picture of me for my Instagram, little did he know I was bossily directing Ava à la Steven Spielberg to: “Point the camera left!” or “Show more water!” or “Ava! Focus…just move a little to the right!”and “AVA! LISTEN TO MEEEE! A MOSQUITO IS BITING ME AND I JUST CAN’T EVEN WITH ZIKA RIGHT NOW.”

How annoying and, well, mean of me, right?

Ding! Ding! Ding! RIGHT-O.

The thing I hate most about blogging is having to nag my kids and husband to take a lot of my pictures. At first, the task was fun, novel and exciting for them, but 6 years later…their tune has changed. And with good reason because nailing the perfect shot is downright time consuming and maddening. It takes away from their play time. It renders me impatient. They get annoyed with their mama. I huff and puff. It’s a vexing predicament to be in.

Then there’s the tedious social media aspect of blogging. You know, the looooong lunches or dinners where every blogger is more interested in taking photos and videos, instead of engaging with one another. Honestly, most bloggers (guilty as charged!) spend said events vapidly staring into their iPhones’ screens like zombies instead of enjoying the great spread and spirits splayed before them. We’re too busy plugging as much content into our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, SnapChat and Lord knows what’s next.

Digital influencing…at times, it can be exhausting. For example, I miss eating avocado toasts and not having to photograph them as though they’re a Faberge egg or elusive Egyptian mummy.

In fact, it’s the social media facet which bothers my husband the most. He understands it’s part of the job, but he’s an extremely private person and finds the whole charade of oversharing as invasive. And inane. So walking this particular tightrope can be a tricky one for me.

But what I truly want to convey is — blogging is hard work and takes a team. Our pictures take a lot of time, staging and effort — and for me, most of the times at the very hands of my young daughter. I know she generally enjoys snapping mommy’s pictures but I know I can be a major pain in the ass, too. So thank you, Ava. You are such a BIG part of this blog’s success and I really appreciate all you do for me. One day you’ll realize that chasing your dreams takes a village, true grit and teamwork. 

And you, YOU, you’ve always been my number one fan. Always my consummate helper. My adoring attaché. I love you so very much for that.

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All White, All White, All RIGHT!

August 4th, 2016

miami fashion blog

{Nicholas top & skirt (both on sale!), Pucci clutch, Céline sunnies, Valentino sandals, Emoji necklace c/o Jane Basch}


miami fashion blog

Hi fellow freak-a-leeks! I’m in the frantic throes of packing for a jaunt to Bimini, Bahamas but wanted to squeeze in one post while in Miami because the internet on the island isn’t top notch, if ya feel my flow. Packing for four and provisioning our boat is a complete clusterfuck, but I GOT THIS. 

I know, I sound like a complete asshole but let’s remember I stress over menial things such as hangnails and chipped manicures. Oh-kurrrrrr? Okay!

I wanted to share a few gems I’ve recently discovered which are worth checking out for yourselves. Here they are!

  1. Read: The Kitchen House and One Step Too Far. Loved them!
  2. Watch: Netflix’s Stranger Things. The acting and ’80s feels are 100% on point. The husband and I watched all 8 episodes in one day because it gave us pangs of nostalgia as it makes countless references to The Goonies, Stand By Me and E.T. Plus, Winona Ryder stars in it and NO ONE does “crazy” better than Winona. Like, not even me. Well, maybe Lindsay Lohan

Have an awesome weekend and follow me in Bimini via my Snapchat (@mariatettamanti). It’s bound to be a Tito’s-Vodka-and-lemonade fun-filled time:)


Photos by Karla Garcia

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Happy Hour with my Homegirls

July 30th, 2016

Lemon print top

{Romwe top (on sale!), Madewell skirt, Ray-Ban sunnies, Rebecca de Ravenel earringsHermès handbag & sandals}


Greek Food

This Greek girl can guzzle Grecian grub (alliteration, people!) much like Joey Chestnut at a Nathan’s Famous Hotdog competitive eating contest. For reals. So yesterday, I had the pleasure of celebrating two of my gal pals’ birthday at my all-time fave Greek restaurant, Mandolin Aegean Bistro in the Design District yesterday.

The weather that particular day called for near record swamp ass so   I imbibed 6 glass of ice-cold white wine to chill the eff out I wore an off-the-shoulder top to keep cool as a cucumber. I love the lemon print (Dolce & Gabbana vibes, right?)! But what I loved more was hanging out with Miami’s finest femme fatales — from lawyers to publicists to stylists to interior designers to real estate brokers to restauratuers — my friends inspire me to to rise to be my best. Plus, they appreciate the importance of good food and copious wine — Opa to that!

Some photos by Karla Garcia

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