I Run To Burn off the Crazy

October 1st, 2015


{Nike Fkyknit sneakers c/o KicksUSA.com, Lululemon shorts, bra and tank top}nike

wynwood miami


Fun fact about me: I was a cross country rockstar in middle school and high school. I was addicted to the “runner’s high” and the fact my mind was clear if only for a short hour and the fellow hotties on the squad didn’t hurt, either.

I loved the ribbons, trophies and camaraderie and the notion I could house a Whopper with cheese without it going straight to my ass.

Nowadays? Not so much. It takes every atom of my being to slip on my Nike sneakers and hit the pavement. I find the only time I have the energy to run is immediately after I drop the kids off at school — jacked up on two cups of coffee like the Energizer Bunny on crack and other illicit substances.

Much like Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter, my relationship with running is a love/hate affair. Unlike my youth, here are the real and superficial reasons I now run:

1) To eradicate the huge unsightly cellulite dimple on my left butt cheek. But it’s still there 1,203 miles later. That vindictive jerk.

2) To be 101% present…allowing my frantic/frazzled mind to solely process the thud of my feet hitting the road. To get lost in the latest catchy Justin Bieber song (and I’ll dance mid run like a total weirdo!). To feel the sensation of the sun burning my bare shoulders.  

3) I love the sight of my flushed face (yes, my aging face!) after a hard run. My cheeks are a lustrous shade of pink, my pores are tightened and my eyes appear bluer than usual.

4) Bounteous Lululemon purchases. No need to explain that one. Duh.

5) All that gloriously gross sweat! It’s Ethiopia-hot in Miami and the amount of sweat which oozes from my body is downright gnarly. And rewarding. There’s something to be said about the healing powers of a good schvitz. Tip: take a hot shower before a run and you’ll perspire waaaaaay more than usual. I always do.

6) I run to burn off the crazy. I feel mellower after a brisk run. My own personal research data shows I’m a saner/kinder/cooler/less psychotic person after any form of cardio exercise. 

I now incorporate one 40-minute run into my bi-weekly pilates classes and am noticing an overall leaner effect in both my arms and legs. I’m always switching up my workout game because research show the body gets “used” to the same ol’, same ol’. 

Now if only I could get “used” to eating healthy!

Photos by Emma del Rey

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The MPH Club gifted me a Lamborghini Aventador for the weekend SO YOU KNOW MAMA HAD TO GET DIRTY WITH IT

September 26th, 2015

Lamborghini aventador

{Lamborghini Aventador c/o MPH Club, 7 For All Mankind jeans, KORE boutique body suit, Aviators c/o Goet & Valentino sandals}

Lamborghini aventador

Lamborghini aventador

Lamborghini aventador

Lamborghini aventador

It was my husband’s 21st 39th birthday this past week so we lauded his milestone day for FIVE (yes, five!) days straight. He’s one of those “we need to celebrate my birthday for a week” types (so bizarre) so I indulged him with a boozy boat day on Sunday, taco dinner on Tuesday and a chi chi von fancy dinner at his favorite Miami restaurant, Il Gabbiano, last night (the mushroom ravioli drenched in white truffle sauce there will make you slaughter your firstborn for seconds. TRUST).

A while back, Miami’s premier exotic car rental business  — The MPH Club — reached out to gift me a supercar of my choosing for a weekend joy ride. The perfect weekend never presented itself until I figured the husband would be totally surprised if I gifted him a Lamborghini Aventador (LOVE those iconic scissor doors!) for his big day.


When the matte silver-colored Lambo pulled into the driveway, Sebastian was a bit shy about the whole ordeal. But once we jumped onto 1-95 and opened her up to 100 65 miles per hour, HE WAS ALL ABOUT IT. Surprisingly, I was too. I was all like, “Let’s get all Fast and the Furious up in this bitch!” We were totally channeling Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez for a hot second. JUDGE ALL YOU WANT. When life hands you a Lambo, you have GOT TO GET DIRTY WITH IT, people.

So a big thanks to The MPH Club for hooking me up this weekend. The kids are having a blast, too, and are mesmerized by the doors and thunderstorm-loud engine. Me? I’m thrilled to surprise Sebastian with this super special memory. How will I ever top this?

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Sometimes I like to tap into my inner Maria Menounos and tape video segments

September 21st, 2015

Positively possessed by an acute television addiction since the ripe young age of 7 (I blame Ricky Shroder on Silver Spoons and Soleil Moon Frye on Punky Brewster), I majored in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Florida. My intention? To host a pop culture-related television program à la Maria Menounos. But a career in print journalism scratched that trajectory all together. And I’m cool with that.

So when Neiman Marcus Coral Gables and SocialMiami.com asked me to film their video for their recent The Art of Fashion event, I was all like, “YES! And yes. Let me live out my college dreams once and for all.”

So enjoy this video where we cover Fall trends…I know I had a blast filming it.

Maria Tettamanti{I wore this SICK Self Portrait dress and Valentino sandals}

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Caviar Dreams

September 15th, 2015

maria tettamanti

{Lovers + Friends top & skirt, Valentino sandals, Céline sunnies, Chanel handbag, Black Caviar bracelet c/o LAGOS}

Maria Tettamanti

LAGOS Black Caviar

miami fashion blog

mimo district

maria tettamanti

Among the things I don’t “do”? Wear costume jewelry. My mama always told me that when it comes to fashion and accessories “Go for quality and not quantity.”

And mama is always right.

Yes, in lieu of wearing trendy jewelry — which tarnishes (ew) and fades out style (double ew) — you’ll always find me dripping in precious stones, gold and pavé diamonds (I’m a glutton for glitz!).

With this said, I always ask the husband for finer pieces of jewelry for my birthday, Christmas, anniversary and Valentine’s Day. Poor fella, I know. I justify these purchases as future heirlooms for our daughter (wink, wink) but I have a sneaking suspicion he’s on to my selfish antics. Judge all you want! Mama also told me not to care about what other people think of me.

Famed jewelry house LAGOS graciously gifted me with their latest piece, a LAGOS Black Caviar Collection Ceramic Rope Bracelet. Comprised of a black caviar bracelet replete with a sterling silver box clasp, it’s both timeless yet modern — meeting all my requirements for must-have status.

Besides, mama spotted my LAGOS Black Caviar Collection bracelet the other day and literally stole it from wrist. Well played, mom. Well played.

Photos by Emma del Rey

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Keeping It Neutral with a Pop of Petals

September 14th, 2015

Elliott Lucca handbag

{Nasty Gal dress, Handbag c/o Elliott Lucca, Prada sunnies, Valentino sandals}

Elliott Lucca

Eliott Lucca

Are you going to New York Fashion Week? Can’t make it out this year? NO BIGGIE because Elliott Lucca has the perfect accessory to make you feel like you’re there! This handbag from its “Elliott Lucca Artisan” collection, to be exact. New for Fall, it’s inspired by still-life oil paintings — and when added to any neutral outfit, it’s sure to make things POP!

The added bonus? Receive 15% off your purchase when you sign up with your email on the Elliott Lucca homepage here.

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