Bonobos are a Boy’s Best Friend

{Ralph Lauren shirt, Bonobos shorts, John Varvatos for Converse shoes}

Ladies, you get dressed to the nines so what does that mean? Your man/woman should never look like he/she just stepped out of a Wiz Khalafia video, that’s what.

Nothing gets me more cray than a dude with his pants all crunked up with his underwear on display (sing that like Melissa Gorga would) for everybody to see. Gag me with a hot iron (because I don’t cook so a spatula is so off limits).

One of the reasons I love the husband so much is because he dresses as though he just sauntered off a Ralph Lauren ad. He’s open to trying new trends (minus the skinny jean look because only those in rock bands can pull it off with aplomb) and here he is in a pair of grill-printed Bonobos and John Varvatos for Converse sneakers. If there’s one lesson you freaks take from this post it’s this: Get your man a pair of Bonobos. They fit like a glove and the prints are ridic. And, no, Snoop Dogg would not approve. And that’s a good thing.

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  1. Jerry
    December 8, 2013 / 5:25 pm

    All of those things suggest a man with a good sense of style. Problem is the Converse shoes have an edgy quality to them. The clothes have a slightly conservative, mature look. They don’t go well together.

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